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by Cadiecowden

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Angela-Grace not only is Cadie an amazing person but her music is ethereal
Cassandra June Finucan
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Cassandra June Finucan feelings and feels, creates a safe space for everything face-paced. Mmmmmm. Favorite track: i had a dream. it was probably a nightmare.
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this record is about my feelings and how i have a lot of them.


released November 24, 2014

jacob garver listened to me conceptualize for months and i will never be able to repay him with enough baja blast to express my gratitude.



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Cadiecowden Missouri

just a person who cries during confrontation

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Track Name: i had a dream. it was probably a nightmare
we chased thru the trees outside of your house
fell to pieces on the ground next to your dog
who wouldn't stop kissing me
like i wish you didn't stop kissing me
Track Name: but yr not robert smith and i'm rly exhausted
i just want to let u know yr rly fuckin cool
i just wanna hear u say "i think yr rly fucking cool.
lets go to the library or somethin"
Track Name: sugar cookie latte
i woke up to rain
but i wish it were you
twister in my head
call a bluff on the surreal
you call my name
and pull me through time
right back again
pale green sheets
pale like you
raindrops are crystals on windows
and presence is felt on the mind
i dont care to watch clocks anymore
Track Name: windows '98
holy shit!!!!!!! i never thought this would happen
spider web knuckles, my hands aren't clenched as fists
i never thought i'd be so happy to be empty
holding pens, i am blushing
for the thought of wiping tears away from under your eyes
on top of dark circles, like bruises on frail knees
that are the result of the recurring thought of me
i never thought i'd be so happy to be empty
i never thought you'd be so unhappy to talk with me
Track Name: it's weird living in a brand new house
tore apart the rights, threw em in a campfire
picture-framed the wrongs, mounted em on a wall
under a decade-old bedroom set from a garage sale
i felt hot, so i took my clothes off
now i'm not, i'm fuckin freezing
took myself and put me on the backburner
Track Name: interlude
i love you nard dog
Track Name: joint pain
you stopped being sad when i really left
couldn't fix you, shoulda known that
prime time meaningless conversations
mapped out by your interruptions
i was not allowed a single feeling thru this
Track Name: maybe baby
i fucking drove four hours to try to patch things up
but its not like efforts were matched you were hung up
on cheap alcohol and over the counter drugs
we fucked around, went down to the city
you were laughing under your breath
at one of your nihilistic thoughts
i never thought it would end up like this
i wanted out of this twisted fiction of our simplistic fits
he always said we would end up the same, put simply:
you were always the opposite of me,
until i turned out selfish, conceited, unforgiving.
i spent all that i had left in my body
stripped down to my skin i had nothing
left to feel like anything at all
i never thought it would end up like this
i wanted out of this shit
i never thought you would end up like this
i never thought i'd hear those words from you mitch
Track Name: right/write
i can't stop daydreaming about how you ask me to sit by you and read you to sleep but its not like i can now.
i don't want to think about how i can't right now. i can't write now.
Track Name: chariot tattoo
the last thing i sent to you was a message
"never fucking talk to me again"
maybe i'm a bit too stubborn
i could be less selfish
but i don't like that you talk about me like that
we both said it wouldn't end this way
well it did
"i promise not to let you walk away"
but you left and i stayed the same
and you didn't think i would stay the same

Track Name: adios, adios, audioslave
found a home
for myself
in the ground

talk too much
think too heavy
finally rest easy

fuck up more
than just words
pull apart good intentions

i thought i
knew how to fix this
but i'm usually wrong